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My name is Lisa Casali.
I am an environmental scientist, a blogger and a writer. I am an expert at cooking with sustainable food and my mission is to reduce our ecological footprint starting with our daily food choices. Avoiding waste and managing to optimize ingredients, water and power: this is my mission.

Eating, buying and cooking smart. It is only up to you.
Thinking outside the box while cooking can both surprise you and turn out to be quite satisfying. Start now and cook your first meal in a dishwasher.
One evening, my life has changed. Thanks to an artichoke, I realized how much food waste depends on our bad eating habits. We should kick those habits.


The eco-cooking philosophy
My blog is a sneak peek into my life. Every day I am experimenting how to best combine healthcare, environmental sustainability and money saving with the love for food and conviviality. Discover all of my recipes and my tips on how to avoid waste and make the most out of the organoleptic and nutritional properties of each ingredient.

Quanto Basta, Mondadori publisher, will be in libraries on the 6th of June. It’s an interactive handbook that will allow you to make a custom path to find out how to eat and buy smart, every day.

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pannolini lavabili
(Italiano) Pannolini green: abbiamo scelto i lavabili
lisacasali | 14, May

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Fai da te
(Italiano) La culla fai da te
lisacasali | 11, May

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

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