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my name is Lisa Casali

My name is Lisa Casali. I am an environmental scientist, a blogger, and a writer. I was born in Romagna (Northeast Italy), but I have been living in Milan for quite a few years now.

Both cooking and the natural environment are my bread and butter. While I cook for passion, the environment has been the subject of my studies first, and a source of work later on. My day job is to study the hazards of pollution, and in my free time (and at night!) I devote myself to sustainable cooking. I am a WWF low-environmental-impact food Ambassador (Oneplanetfood.info).

Taking photographs is not my strong suit, but I can very well say I have a knack for drawing. It has been more than 10 years since I knew what my mission in the world is: helping reduce our ecological footprint, starting from how we eat. Since then, I have never grown tired of experimenting.
I have an obsession for legumes and vegetables; I love technology; I am a true explorer and an experimenter.


on the D blog platform by the newspaper Repubblica: I started my blog in 2009 to share my daily cooking experiments with as many people as I could. For quite a few years now, it has been hosted by the Dblog platform by Repubblica. It is a place where I can write about food and sustainability from different perspectives. There, you can find my anti-waste recipes, haute-cuisine sustainable dishes, restaurants, eco-books, original ways to cook legumes, and… the fish of the future.

Identità Golose
It has been a few years since I started working with Identità Golose, an online magazine where I write about haute cuisine going green, showing how the discoveries and experimentations of some great chefs can make us more sustainable every day.

for the Panda Club project and on One Planet Food with the “Green Recipes” column: one ingredient and one recipe a month to reduce our environmental impact and stop food waste

Cucina Naturale
I write a column that I love, about a hobby I have had since forever: flipping through a magazine and wonder how I could use up all those throwaway ingredients. In a couple of pages, I put together a series of illustrated tips to avoid waste and save money.

tv and radio


since October 2016, every day, Monday through Friday (alternately at 10:40 AM or 5:40 PM) on RDS Lifestyle, and at www.rds.it with “Ecostile con Linda Casati” (Eco-style with Linda Casati), which you will find in the video section. An “Eco-style” tip a day on different topics to save money and live happily (how to use scraps, leftovers, and ingredients close to their use-by date, tips on beauty, home, and leisure time). At the end of every week (between Friday and Sunday), a weekly video recap is posted showing the amount of money saved and explaining how to reinvest to save even more money.

Since last October, I have been on RAI1 TEMPO E DENARO with the segment “Ecorisparmio” (Eco-savings) where, in just a few minutes, I use the latest scientific discoveries on healthcare and on the environment to devise recipes that will help us eating healthy, sustainably and with an eye to saving money.
For two years until June 2013, I hosted the segment “La cucina Eco-nomica” (The Eco-nomical cuisine), live each Saturday morning on the RAI 1 TV show Uno Mattina in Famiglia.

From June 2015 to January 2016, I hosted The CooKing Show, the first cooking show airing on the TV channel RAI3 about the exploration of culture, science, healthcare and environmental sustainability in haute cuisine. I really enjoyed having this wonderful experience.
From 2013 to 2015, I was on the TV show GEO in the segment Ecocucina (Eco-cooking), named after my blog.

I am the protagonist of the TV commercial for Vodafone Spain about dishwasher cooking.

Orto e mezzo
Traveling Italy on a TV show about vegetable gardens, food, and sustainable lifestyles aired between October 2013 and July 2014 on LAEFFE.tv (channel 50 of DTTV).

Gambero Rosso
In 2012, I hosted the TV show Zero Sprechi (Zero Waste) on Gambero Rosso Channel, whose reruns would air several times. 30 minutes of self-production and tips on how to minimize waste. Small-space vegetable garden planning, tips on the use of recycled packaging, loads of recipes and menus offering alternative choices by using the B-Sides of food to eat in a healthy, sustainable and zero-waste way.


sustainable nutrition AMBASSADOR
“WWF is committed to preserve ecosystems, biodiversity, and natural resources. My commitment as an ambassador is to raise awareness about the impact that our daily dietary choices have on our Planet”.

sustainable-fishing AMBASSADOR
“Fish consumption is increasing worldwide, also because doctors and researchers highly recommend consuming it more often, as it brings benefits to our health. If we all want to keep eating fish without harvesting it into extinction, we must make sustainable choices, such as opting for low-impact fishing and avoiding by-catches, marine habitat destruction, and very high density stocking.
To be sure that you are making the right choices, it is best to rely on organizations such as MSC, which gives its sustainable-fishing label to fisheries and businesses certified by a third-party assessment body.
I have chosen to support MSC as an Italian Ambassador to actively promote among people the safeguard of fish in our seas.