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the Eco-Cooking philosophy

It all started out one evening, face to face with an artichoke

I was holding this artichoke in my hands, mechanically cleaning it as I usually do, as I have learned from my mom, or from cooking classes, or books and TV shows. All of a sudden, I realized I was going to throw away most of it, as the scraps were more than the part I was actually going to use. So, I looked at those leaves, those violet bracts, and those stems,

and wondered if there could be an alternative use of those scraps.
Since that evening, my life has changed. I began questioning the way we eat and cook. I rejected any automatism and tried to go beyond common knowledge so that I could experiment a new way of eating and cooking that would be both healthy and sustainable.

By experimenting, I have happily discovered that:

zero sprechi

we can definitely cook without producing any waste

più salute

fruit and vegetable peelings, stems, and leaves, which usually account for 50% of the product, actually contain the most nutrients, especially phytochemicals (precious molecules that protect our body and make us live longer)


what are the best choices for our health are also the best for the environment

That is how I developed my personal philosophy about our relationship with food – a set of rules based on common sense that, if applied at a global level, would both lower the anthropic pressure on the Planet and preserve natural resources and biodiversity.
Basically, here is what we should do: optimize our consumption, therefore managing to avoid waste and whatever is superfluous.

it all boils down to 3 rules:


exactly what we need
and find the best type of storage


When cooking
using everything
even what we would normally throw away